Meeting room, lounge, studio - Bonn studio is a compact , functional and modern space solution.

A stylish, close-to-nature, well lit and well ventilated room is a valuable investment and offers a first-class work environment to any office.

BONN studio soundproof room is a perfect fit to areas with a lot of background sound.


The idea, which originally started in 2016, was born out of the desire to create a comfortable workspace that has perfect acoustics. We were advised by the grand-old-lady of Estonian acoustics Linda Madalik and the experiments were carried out by the experts from the TALTECH sound laboratory.

The author of the studio design is designer Johanna Merila. The lightning solutions expand the space, giving it a fresh and dignified effect. We honor Estonian design and avoid using cheap LED solutions.

We have used plywood and natural wood in the construction. Durability plays a great role in the choice of materials. If necessary, BONN Studio can be easily moved to a new location.

Our German high-quality sound insulations seals are reliable and durable at all times.

BONN Studio is timeless, high-quality space that offers a functional and modern solution in different commercial buildings, meeting the expectations of event the most demanding customers.

Everything has its suitable place of use, the same principle applies to BONN studio.


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Environmental friendly solution is both an ideal work-space and a comfortable resting place.

Why choose BONN?

What are the advantages of BONN studios, that ensure the perfect satisfaction?

See yourself how easy it is to change the positions of our plantboxes.

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