Silence room

When designing our interiors, we often encounter a situation when a customer rent a commercial space and needs an individual space solution. In particular, there is a lack of additional space for consultation, but this leads to a number of additional issues, such as how to deal with ventilation? How to create a ceiling solution? The meetingroom, made from glass, would have aesthetically pleasing effect, but how to prevent the loud noise of the room and ensure sound isolation? And what about moving office into the other location in the future?
When it comes to solving these questions, a product called Bonn meetingbox was born.
By joining the practical need for design and scientific solutions, we designed acoustically shielded, chatbox-friendly sound absorbing portable panels. Chatbox, made from acoustically shielded wallpanels is used, for example, in open office spaces as a stand-alone space, which is good for use as a meeting and also well suited for callbox to ensure privacy for making phonecalls.